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The New World Lead


Hi. My name is Sophie.

I started The New World Lead Conversations in March 2023. The project came to me as a vision back in 2021:

It's about time to start focusing on creating the world we love to live in instead of being so critical about the current state of the world. 

The truth of the vision hit me hard: I was not living in the world I loved to live in at that moment. In 2020, I had divorced my sweet heart since 1993. We still loved each other, we just needed to change a lot of things in our relationship having been together since we were 20, and after many years of trying to create the needed changes, but not succeeding, divorce seemed like the only way forward. We lived apart for one year, and our kids moved back and forth between our two homes every week. It was not sustainable for any of us. In 2021, we decided to get back together and co-create a new shared home for our family again. It was the best decision ever. The children were happy moving to a new home and starting in new schools, and we were happy creating a new base for our family. In 2021 and 2022 my vision was all about me concentrating on leading the co-creation of our own little world with my beloved and our children and creating a new foundation for my coaching business. It was a big thing starting over.

In 2023, I committed myself to start meditating daily on the question "How do we create the world we love to live in?" for the whole world, i.e. not just for me and my family and loved ones, but a world everybody would love to live in. The future is we! And I wanted to go big in my visionary leadership. I got many insights regarding love as a structural expanding power in opposition to fear as a contracting force; freedom in opposition to control; peace in opposition to war; abundance in opposition to lack; possibilities in opposition to limitations, etc.. But who am I to know the answers, and how could I ever make a difference in the world? Meditating on my own on the vital question, however, was a refreshing change from being swallowed by the darkness following my former focus on the power abuse, corruption, and fearmongering during the pandemic. 

From "What's Wrong?" to "How Do We Make It Right?" 

In 2020, I was the co-founder of a media platform, Free Observer, that asked critical questions to experts within the fields of medicine, healing, psychology, the social sciences, law, human rights, the media, culture, spirituality, etc. regarding the political response to the pandemic. It was a well researched, on point, and planned as a well-balanced project, but most people were in a state of fear because of the governmental pressure, and we were called "conspiracy theorists", got censored on social media and were outshamed on national TV. 

I refused to stay silent. What happened with forced experimental vaccines, lock-downs, hospital masks in the public sphere, etc. was "wrong" in my opinion. I was appalled by the fact that our traditional media outlets didn't perform their duty as the critical "watchdogs" of democracy and basic human rights, including freedom of speech without censorship and every person's souvereign right to make decisions about their own health and body. I have been trained to ask critical questions as a Master of Political Science and International Relations, a researcher, and a writer of political conflicts at University and at the Danish Institute of International Affairs in Copenhagen, and I almost felt it as my duty to ask the critical questions with my fellow-Master of Political Science and media platform co-founder, when nobody else did. It was a very tough mission we took upon ourselves, however, and probably because of all the public shaming, I didn't last long in that arena. We ended up fighting to be right for pointing at what was wrong. It was "uphill" to say the least.

Deep in my heart I believe that we should all feel free, agree to disagree on whatever subject, and still be open to discuss how we could co-exist and co-create a world of love, freedom, peace, abundance, and possibilities for all. Deciding to start focusing on love, freedom, peace, abundance, and possibilities for all might seem naïve to you, but I know the world is changing rapidly, and I want to help bring about positive changes by being a "New World Lead". In 2023, I started searching for likeminded and -hearted people to have these deeper conversations with. I wanted to take the lead by focusing on "how do we make it right?" instead of focusing on all that's "wrong".

Are You Also a New World Lead?

I want to talk to people all around the world about their perspectives on how we create and sustain the world we love to live in. And I want to share the conversations with the rest of the world. I hope you're in on the journey. The conversations are for inspiration and upliftment. I trust you'll find perspectives and get new insights from reading about and listening to the wisdom of The New World Leads below on this page. Reach out if you're also a New World Lead and want to be part of the project. It's a humble project in all its greatness. I don't claim to have the "right" answers or think that I can change the world all alone. But I believe in movements. I think we can change the world together. And I trust my vision. I have dedicated myself to this project for the rest of my life, and I will be around for many, many years to come. Please join in on the journey and let's co-create and sustain the world we love to live in. Together. 

  1. The first conversation is with Brian Piergrossi (no. 1): tell a new story about how to start being the change.
  2. The second conversation is with Freyiia Milléh (no. 2): live your inner truth about how creation starts within.
  3. The third conversation is with Susanne Frandsen (no. 3): the power of emotions about the benefits of being like water.
  4. The fourth conversation is with Lucy Vittrup Christensen (no. 4): what is love? about the regenerative leadership.
  5. The fifth conversation is with Beatrice Savage (no. 5): what is abundance? about mindset and choice.
  6. The sixth conversation is with Soleira Green (no. 6): living in the realm of infinite possibilities about supercharging the field,
  7. The seventh conversation is with Martin Rutte (no. 7): co-creating heaven on earth about how we can project heaven on earth,
  8. The eight conversation is with Gudni Gunnarsson (no. 8): presence is power about how we become responsible and choose love.
  9. The ninth conversation is with Mariah Wolfe (no. 9): thriving after narcissism about the need for finding the inner connection after childhood abuse.

After conversation no. 9, I realized that my way of asking the central question implies that the world we love to live in isn't already here. The wording of the question itself is keeping the loving world at bay. I therefore added "and sustain". Henceforth, I am asking:

"How do we create and sustain the world

we love to live in?"

Inspired by Martin Rutte's "Project Heaven on Earth", conversation no. 7, I am also asking the following questions: 

  1. Have you ever experienced the world as a loving place? What happened?
  2. What does the world you love to live in look and feel like?
  3. Could you be living in a world you love, if others are living in a world of fear, control, war, lack, and limitations? 
  4. How do we assume the leadership of co-creating a new world? The world we all love to live in? And how do we sustain that kind of world? In our private realm, in business, in organisations, in society, and in the world at large? Is that even possible in your opinion?

  5. What simple, easy, and concrete steps could we take in the next 24 hours to create and sustain a loving world?

Thriving After Narcissism

- Find Your Inner Connection

Mariah Wolfe

In this the no. 9 episode I talk with Maria Wolfe, who is a Connection Coach, Couples Counselor, Author, Psychotherapist, Mentor & Speaker. Mariah has been living as a nomad since 2017, where she gave everything away and left Denmark only with those of her belongings that could fit in her carry-on. Since then she has followed her heart and the sun. On her adventurous journey she met her life partner Gerry, with whom she has recorded some beautiful partnership processes. You should definitely check them out on her Youtube Channel: Author Mariah Wolfe.

Childhood Wounds and Cultural Conditioning

Ever since my conversation no.7 with Martin Rutte about Project Heaven on Earth, I have been thinking a lot about the state of the world. According to Martin, anybody you ask would like “Heaven on Earth”, and “99% also have an answer for what Heaven on Earth is”. And he would know. He has been asking people this question since 1998! So why haven’t we created “Heaven on Earth” yet? Why are we not creating the world we love to live in?

Just as Jack Canfield writes in the foreword to Martin’s book “Project Heaven on Earth”, I also believe it’s because we all, in our own unique ways, have been wounded in childhood and been conditioned by the different belief systems of our cultures. “As a result, we are often unconsciously run by our fear rather than by our true nature, which is naturally cooperative and loving. But deep down, underneath all the wounding and all the conditioning, we all want to live in peace, we want to love and be loved, and we want the freedom to express our true selves. It doesn’t matter where you go in the world, we all tear up or get goose bumps when people do things that are compassionate, kind, and loving because that is a fundamental part of our human nature.”

Thriving after Narcissistic Abuse, Is that even Possible?

I decided to start exploring narcissism as a possible reason why humanity haven't created the world, we love to live in yet. Mariah Wolfe is specialized in the topic of narcissism, being a survivor of narcissistic childhood abuse herself. I, too, am a survivor of narcissistic childhood abuse. I have known about and been connected to Mariah for more than 10 years because of her books and talks on the topic, so I decided to contact her to ask for her perspectives.

One thing is to survive narcissism - to get out of “the hell” - but can we thrive after narcissistic abuse, i.e. get “the hell” out of ourselves?

"Yes", Mariah replies laughingly in our conversation. And of course it takes quite a bit of work to become whole, when you have been severely broken as a child! 

What is Narcissism?

We need to distinguish between the narcissistic traits we all possess to a larger or lesser degree and the mental illness "Narcissistic Personality Disorder".. All people with an ego - i.e. all of us (!) - have narcissistic traits. As Mariah says, a baby is only concerned with it's own survival and is screaming if it's cold, hungry, or just needs contact not having any empathy for mom or dad, that have to get out of bed in the middle of the night. That is very narcissistic. But it's a healthy narcissism. Babies then grow up learning that life is so much more enjoyable, when we include each other and share our toys, and play together. Children let go of the narcissistic traits (me-me-me), if they're nourished, protected, and guided by sane and balanced adults. 

People who become narcissists are not taught to let go of the narcissistic traits. They are taught that they should not exist in the world; they are not welcome; they are not wanted; they are not desirable; they are a thing existing in the world of their parents's life. They become objects instead of subjects.  

Narcissistic Personality Disorder is diagnosed by trained mental health professionals through a structured interview to learn more about an individual’s typical behavior patterns. If someone consistently displays at least 5 of the 9 following traits, they meet the diagnostic criteria for the condition:

  1. Inflated self-esteem or a grandiose sense of self-importance or superiority.
  2. Craving admiration.
  3. Exploitative relationships (i.e., manipulation).
  4. Little to no empathy.
  5. Identity is easily disturbed (i.e., can’t handle criticism).
  6. Lack of attachment and intimacy.
  7. Feelings of depression or emptiness when not validated.
  8. A sense of entitlement.
  9. Can feel like others are envious of them, or may envy others.

Ordinary people cannot diagnose NPD. Only trained mental health professionals can do that. 

What is Narcissistic Abuse?

Narcissistic abuse is when a person controls you and keeps you small (inferior) with verbal, emotional, financial, sexual, physical, and/or mental tactics such as manipulation, gaslightening, triangulation, dogwhistling, brainwashing, guilting, shaming, lovebombing, devaluation, projection, lying, and/or playing the victim. People using narcissistic abuse tactics slowly manipulate you into thinking that you are broken and small. and that you amount to nothing. When you are abused narcissistically, you will experience that there is no room for you in your own life. You don't have your own opinion, you don't know what you like, you don't feel yourself, and you don't know who you are. You are invisible to yourself and to others, and you develop a fake persona, just like the person who abuses you.     

The purpose of narcissistic abuse is to control other people. It is unconscious behavior. The core of narcissism is to "not feel myself". The narcissists do what they do so as to not feel themselves, because they have a pain inside - a deep abandonment- and rejection wound - they feel unloved and unworthy to a degree where it is so scary for them, they would fall apart if they realized what was going on inside of them. The disease is to be in denial of "what I feel". Therefore, they project the pain onto others.

The Logic of The Narcissist

"I cannot relate to, I cannot handle, I cannot contain the pain that dwells inside of me, so I will do anything to not have to look at it and feel it. I will project it onto others. I will make others flawed. I will give the pain to others. So that I can see that the pain is not in me, it's out there in other people."

For Mariah, it was a big wake-up call realizing that she had been narcissistically abused by her father, because she then understood, that she wasn't the one, who was crazy! And what was broken inside of her, could be fixed. And she then spend the next 10 years working on the topic of narcissism, trying to understand the mechanisms and the best way to heal the narcissistic abuse syndrome. 

Can We Co-Create the World We Love to Live in with a Narcissist?

No, A narcissist will never assume responsibility for their own behavior. And they don't know what they love. We therefore need to kill our inner narcissist, i.e. heal the narcissistic wound inside of us, if we want to become "New World Leads".

According to Mariah, we can only create the world we love to live in inside of ourselves and with the people who are close to us. We need to spend our energy on people who are aligned with our life values, so that we facilitate our tribe, i.e. people who want a deeper connection with us. By helping each other, being who we truly are and facilitating the co-creation with the people who are close to us, hopefully it will spread like ripples in water. We cannot fix the politics of the USA. We cannot fix the war in Ukraine. We cannot fix the dictator of North Korea. We cannot fix all those things. We can only make ourselves unhappy by hearing about it, talking about it, and thinking about it. So let's do none of that and instead focus on our community and the people who are close to us: What can we do to facilitate us experiencing joy, and having fun, laughter, and be calm? How can we be the change in our everyday life? 

Mariah's name is actually Mette Glargaard, but no one has been able to pronounce her name in the countries she's been travelling, so she chose Mariah Wolfe as her pen name. She has written several books;"The Healing Journey", "The Power to be You", "Narcissistic Abuse Victim Syndrome", "Narcissistic Men", "Narcissistic Women", "Dead Men", "Attract Your Forever Love". Find out more here: Love & Connection.


Presence is Power

Guðni Gunnarsson

In this the no. 8 episode I talk with Guðni Gunnarsson, an amazing Life Coach & Inspirational Speaker, who is a pioner in the wellness-industry in Iceland; He founded the first private gym in Iceland, the first fitness magazine, the first import and retail fitness company and Iceland's first commercial Yoga Center. He was also the first Life Coach in Iceland, and he went on to create Rope Yoga as a worldwide franchise. He has created an amazing legacy of work around his concept "GlóMotion" and "The 7 Steps to Prosperity".

Mr. Gunnarsson is furthermore a best-selling author of the international books "Presence is Power" and “The 7 Step Workbook” and books in Icelandic about "Glow; How to Ressonate Prosperity", "The Power of Will", "The Power of Heart", and "The Power of Gratitude".  He holds online seminars and workshops to individual and corporate clients and is a frequent quest on radio, podcasts, and television. Guðni has been the mentor of many prominent people in the past 35-40 years, primarily in Iceland and in The United States, including “Superman” (i.e. the actor that plays Superman in the movies). How cool is that?! 

"My" Master Oogway

Guðni reminds me of Master Oogway. Do you remember him? He is a character in the “Kung Fu Panda” movies; an elderly tortoise and mentor to Master Shifu, who teaches “The Furious Five” and Po (the panda) the art of kung fu. Master Oogway is credited as the founder of the Valley of Peace, the creator of kung fu, and the developer of the Dragon Warrior legend. Highly venerated for his wisdom, knowledge, and experience, Oogway is considered by many to be a sage. Guðni didn’t create kung fu; he created another brilliant concept combining physical training with philosophical wisdom and awakening called "GlóMotion"..

It was a great honor for me to have the opportunity to present my worries and concerns about the state of the world to him in August 2023 and let his loving and peaceful wisdom wash all over me cleansing and clearing the fear perspectives from my mind and heart, I hope you'll enjoy our conversation as well and let the wisdom permeate every cell of your being while watching and listening. Our presence is our power, and everything can change for you, for me, for us, for the world, when we become able to respond - responsible - and learn to choose love over fear. It's a journey of awakening, becoming aware of the (unconscious) programming, stopping addictions and habitual behavioral patterns, and choosing a kind, compassionate way of perceiving everything and everyone - choosing love - instead of the automatic reactions offight, flight or freeze, which are all based in fear.

According to Guðni we create the world we love to live in by loving ourselves. As "simple" as that. How we feel about ourselves is going to determine what we transmit. If you are loving in your own life, you create a loving world. If you are defiant, resistant, and angry at yourself, you create the opposite. The biggest cause of fear is lack of energy, not that the energy isn't there, but we don't know how to access it, because most of the energy today is devoted to doubt and negativity. The moment we start devoting our energy to love, compassion, and kindness, things will change and transform. The question is: How much pain and discomfort do we need - do we want to attract into our lives and to the planet - before we understand that humans have the power to alter the state of the planet with love, compassion, and kindness?

There is no separation. There is only energy, i.e. presence and awareness on different frequencies. When we change our focus and perspective, we change our frequency, and when we change our frequency, we change the world.

Love, Compassion, and Kindness

According to Gudni, there is no darkness in essence, there's only light, and then there is the defiance, the resistance of that light. You and I can glow on a high frequency and create the world we love, but we can only sustain that glow with love, compassion, and kindness. The moment we reject ourselves, abandon ourselves and resist our own expression, we experience fear. Most of us devote our energy to defiance, and we are exhausted. The more exhausted we are, the more fear-based we become. And that is the state of the planet and most people right now. Fear is the dominant force. Everything is governed by fear. Everything we do, the language we speak, the awareness we bring to cases. We keep pointing our awareness to the negative aspects of life instead of the positive. 

Do We Fill Ourselves with Light or Do We Keep Swimming in the Dark?

Most people want to move past their resistance and defiance, stop focusing on the pain and the past to move onwards towards the future. "The 7 Steps" are a structured method for changing our pathways. The interesting aspect of personal transformation is responsibility; the ability to respond. Love is your choice when you respond instead of just reacting with fear (fight, flight, or freeze). Not dismissing the feelings. Not dismissing what we call trauma, or the experiences we have attached to and become addicted to. Not dismissing any of the pain. Just saying: Love is like water! Let's fill "the glass with muddy water" with more fresh water, so that it clears and cleanses "the glass"

Listen to our talk about global warming, child trafficking, war, people being expelled from their countries, people being silenced, etc., the abandonment wound, addictions and habitual behavioral patterns, Gudni's own story and the programming of competition and not being "good enough", "the inner devil" and "the inner angel", the consequence of judging, the hawaian healing technique "ho'oponopono" and Gudni's brilliant proposal to change the mantras, how we need to "go home" and only assume responsibility for our own existence and not give our focus to the fear-based scenarios, but shine our love on the perpetrators and the victims co-existance in that sphere of fear, and so much more. 

We All have Exactly What We Intended Right Now. And ... Everything Can Change The Moment We Become Responsible

Are you projecting light? Are you glowing? Or, are you diming your own expression? Are you moving into fear; subscribing to fear, lack, and scarcity? Or, are you subscribing to light, abundance, care, and compassion? We are all powerful creators. Every human being is a co-creater of the world we're living in. We're not just observers of a world happening outside of us. We need to stop looking at the "distractions" - the fear agendas in the world - and focus on creating what we (think we) want.

If we're not getting the results from our lives, that we think we want, we need to change. We need to act differently. If we're not taking action, we don't want the changes. In other words: If we don't wake up and act on our dreams, they will turn into nightmares! The fact is that all of us have exactly what we intended - consciously or unconsciously. And ... All can change the moment we become responsible for that. But we cannot become responsible unless we forgive ourselves and release ourselves from the illusion that things should be any different.

Everything is complete. 


There's nothing wrong.

There's nothing right.

There never has been,

There's just now.

No future.

No past. 

Only presence.

Or not.

Your presence is your power.

Check out the book "Presence Is Power" and The Seven Step Workbook here: 

Mr. Gunnarsson is available for Life Coaching Sessions via skype. Find out more here:


Co-Creating Heaven on Earth

Martin Rutte

In this the no. 7 episode I talk with Martin Rutte, who is an International Speaker, Management Consultant and a very successful businessman. As the President of his own management firm "Livelihood" he has been doing visionary strategy consultancy for big companies such as Sony Pictures, Apple Computer and Virgin Records. Martin was the first Canadian to address the Corporate Leadership and Ethics Forum of the Harvard Business School returning as the Keynote Speaker 4 times (!) He is also the co-author of the New York Times Business Bestseller “Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work” with over 1 million copies sold and translations into 15 languages so far. Super impressive bio!

One day back in 1998 - 25 years ago! - he got an ephiphany about his next assignment in life: "I'm going to take on changing the story of what it means to be a human and what it means to be Humanity so that we collectively experience co-creating Heaven on Earth"!

How about that!

Naive, Unrealistic ...

Or an Actual Possibility?

Is it naive, unrealistic? You know, following the logic: We've never had it! We've always had suffering, That's just the way the world is! Or, is it actually a possibility? According to Martin, we can do it! If we can create "Hell" on Earth, we certainy can also create "Heaven" on Earth! 

We actually don't even have to believe that we can do it, according to Martin. Because then we could easily just give up on the whole project. We just need to give it a chance: Feel into what "Heaven on Earth" is for us by recalling a moment in time we experienced it, defining "Heaven on Earth" from the essence of that experience, and then commit to start doing one or more tiny, easy step(s) within the next 24 hours that's in alignment of that essence. And then just keep going. One day at a time. 

We all have the authority to start co-creating "Heaven on Earth". You don't need to be rich or famous or in an official leadership position to do it. You can be, but that is besides the point. Every human counts. Every thought, emotion, and action is important. Obviously, it would be benefial to a large degree, if people in official leadership positions, people in political positions or otherwise influential people would start projecting "Heaven on Earth" as rolemodels, but let's not wait for others to get started. Let's just get going now!

The 3 Simple Questions that will Help You Change the World - Easily 

So to clarify, "Heaven on Earth" isn't a particular point of view, that Martin has and wants to shove down your throat. That has never been his idea at all with this project. On the contrary, he asks you to recall a time when you experienced Heaven on Earth. Interestingly enough, almost no one asks him for a definition of "Heaven on Earth", when he asks them the question. We all know - instinctively - what he means by the phrase.

Listen to our conversation and pause the video after each question to write down your own answer. The 3 questions are:

  1. Recall a time when you experienced Heaven on Earth. What was happening?
  2. Imagine you have a magic wand and with it you can create Heaven on Earth. What is Heaven on Earth for you?
  3. What simple, easy, concrete step(s) will you take in the next 24 hours to make Heaven on Earth real?

Anybody can do it. Martin Rutte has been talking about creating Heaven on Earth to countless numbers of people from different walks of life, work, and leadership over the past 25 years. As an example of people in political leadership check out all 4 Political Party Leaders in Prince Edward Island, Canada, talking about  Heaven on Earth here.  In 2018 he published the book "Project Heaven on Earth" with all his findings over the years. 

NB!!! Please DO NOT begin the process by asking "What is Heaven on Earth"? That's too big a question for starters. You have to ask the questions in the right order. You need to first recall a time you experienced Heaven on Earth. 

When I answered Martin's 3 Heaven on Earth questions, I discovered that we create the world we love to live in by recalling a time we loved and felt loved, becoming aware of what love is, looks, and feels like for us, and then committing to do an act of love within the next 24 hours. And just like that I suddenly found myself in my very own love bubble AND wrapping the whole world in the love bubble as well.

What a wonderful "total-system-experience" of both-and. Both the world and I. Not either-or. Both me and the world. We are one in the love bubble. So, to me we co-create the world we love to live in by loving the world, all inclusive.

Evil and Boundaries

Just to be clear, love is also boundaries, i.e. telling unloving people that their actions have consequences: You are free to choose whatever action you want to take in life, but you are not free from the consequences of your actions. So, for instance the people selling children to sex-trafficking etc. and the people harming and abusing children like we see in the movie "Sound of Freedom" have to be caught and put in prison or a secure psychiatric hospital. And the children need to be taken properly care of; healed, nourished, protected, and guided.

Hell on Earth

Ever since watching that movie upon its release on 4th of July, I have been troubled by the fact, that child trafficking is now allegedly a $152 billion industry globally, and that over 2 million children are sold as sex slaves every year. Sex trafficking of children is by far one of the most alarming problems in our world. Most of us cannot believe it is really happening. Cognitive dissonance sets in. We will not believe it. It's too painful to acknowledge. Yet, it's the experience of so many children all around the world right now. That to me is "Hell on Earth". I'm looking forward to seeing our world leaders step forward, acknowledging child trafficking and child abuse as the no. 1 priority on the global agenda and putting an end to this evil right now. Our children are not for sale! Our children are the future! When they experience "Hell on Earth" like this - being sold, abused and taken advantage of - how can we - they - ever be capable of co-creating "Heaven on Earth"?

Heaven on Earth

That is why I felt compelled to bring this topic to my conversation with Martin. And now I have an even deeper understanding of why: For me "Heaven on Earth" is children landing in the "love bubble" upon arrival on planet Earth, as I recall my "love-bubble-experience" with my firstborn child. For my version of "Heaven on Earth" to become a reality, I have to wrap all of humanity in the love bubble, because you cannot give what you do not have: We all need to experience love in order to be able to love. My logic is that we need to love the evil out of every person on this planet for "Heaven on Earth" to become a reality. That's my new assignment: "Project Lovebubble".

Please Join Us

I will not wait for our world leaders to change the world! I will change the world and co-create "Heaven on Earth" with small baby steps every day in the company of Martin Rutte and all the other amazing people on our planet doing this work. Please join us. Come as you are. Listen to the conversation and find out what "Heaven on Earth" is for you by answering the 3 simple questions, Martin guides me/us through in the conversation. After asking these questions for so many years, Martin discovered some patterns in the answers, and he identified 7 gateways to "Heaven on Earth". Find your gateway with the help of "Project Heaven on Earth"

Martin's own experiences and definitions of "Heaven on Earth"

  1. Asking Martin his own questions, Martin recalled an experience of raspberries being a kid growing up; big, fat, juicy, fresh raspberries sent Martin straight into "Heaven on Earth". A look of love from his wife has the same effect on him. 
  2. Heaven on Earth for Martin Rutte is people getting their agency, that they as individuals and we collectively can have Heaven here on Earth right now, and that that is the story; the consciously lived story of humanity: We see it. We see it happening. We can feel the momentum of it as it flourishes. That is amazing. Wonderful. Life right now IS Heaven on Earth, when we step into our "conscious consciousness" (he just made up that term ... haha). 
  3. Doing this conversation was, for Martin, one of the baby steps making Heaven on Earth real. As people watch this, the energy of "Heaven on Earth" starts spreading. Also he encourages us to start having this conversation with our loved ones, partners, children, etc. So, Martin's baby steps each day is to inspire all of us to really get that we are the co-creators of "Heaven on Earth". That Heaven is real. Right here. Right now. 

Project "Heaven on Earth"

It's not enough with "Heaven on Earth" just for you, the individual. We also need "Heaven on Earth" for we, humanity, all of us. Find out more about Project Heaven on Earth here.

Buy the book to read more about the project and the 7 gateways here - or, get 3 copies of the book (one for you, one for a friend who needs it, and one for a new friend about to enter your life). And, when you grab 20 copies of the book, you’ll get a free, live, one-hour online presentation for your group with Martin, or, a Heaven on Earth consulting session with Martin. Just send your Amazon receipt, once you’ve purchased your 20 books, to:, and he’ll get back to you.

Living in the Realm of Infinite Possibilities

Soleira Green

In this the no. 6 episode I talk with Soleira Green, who is a Future Innovator, Visionary Author & Quantum Coach. She hosts a group that innovates consciousness for the world, leads courses on Source Leadership & Quantum "ALLchemy" and writes breakthrough books on topics like genius, visionary leadership, transformation, becoming super humans and fantasy novels that open up a brilliant future for us all. You can find out more about Soleira and her offerings at Soleira is a big source of inspiration. She is now 73 and oozes vitality, newness, and adventure. She is truly infinite possibilities walking and talking. Soleira has written 15 books, and the 16th is on its way: "Sourcing Fabulous Futures". Some of the books she has written in collaboration with her husband, Santari Green, who is also a magically gifted Author, a "Genius Writers' Coach", and so much more. 

Possibilities, Consciousness, and Innovation

Soleira is always leaping into the next new possibility. She began her work more than 20 years ago by innovating consciousness to elevate the possibilities of the world. "Consciousness is the constructs we live within, the beliefs we hold, the energy structures of that, which we live and breathe. I bring consciousness to the thriving presence of the quantum field. The quantum field holds the fabric of possibilities, innovation, ideas, and genius. Things that we haven't thought of with our brains or been taught." 

"True innovation isn't just an improvement of what is. It's a leap into new possibilities of how things can be!"

5 Levels of Consciousness, Power, and Leadership Styles

  • Level 1 is the "ordinary" daily living level, where you're just humming along. On this level the concept of power is "power over". The leadership style is hierachical: The boss tells the employee what to do and measures results depending on whether things get done as ordered.
  • Level 2 is the opening of the heart level with a soft, caring, respectful, and helpful concept of power.
  • Level 3 is the visionary level with a visionary creative power concept. The leader creates an ambience in a culture in which others can buy into the vision and share the passion. On this level we feel more vitality and experience more creativity and collaborations. The vision becomes more important than the leader.
  • Level 4 is the transformative or transcendent level with a concept of transformative power. The power is more energetic, and people work in energy spaces to move everything to the next level of potential.
  • Level 5 is wild open. We become creators of life, source beings who "ALLchemically" influence the fields we occur in. We're the super flow of the universe creating newness and possibilities for the future. We embody the whole field. This level is totally co-creative, hugely dynamic, and the concept of power is this beautiful, creative, alchemical force for life that uplifts and elevates everyone and everything. This is the level of source leadership, where you become a source for something, and your ethos pervades the whole field. 

Super Flow State

Source Power is an alchemical activational force. You're learning to operate in the field of possibilities, genius, ideas, and innovation to activate the new and supercharge the fields and draw the fields into presence for yourself, your life, and the world. Maybe you've tried to have "Super Flow Days"? Everything you want to say just flows out of you really fast. Your consciousness - the "soup" you live in - evolves when you innovate new possibilities into it. It requires that you become an alchemist and start activating the quantum field on a very practical level by supercharging the field of possibility.

We can all do it! 

It's available for all of us. The Universe has great things waiting for us, but we get caught up in "stuff of life"; what the news tell us, what the government does, the climate change problem, etc. We get caught up in a vibrational frequency that is at a lower level where you cannot be an effective alchemiser of possibilities and innovative solutions. Once you make the shift and come into this wild open state - level 5 - you flow beauty, power, and wonder through you. You embody it. You presence it. It's a new way of being in the world: Becoming a source creator of life, the future, and the now; alivening everything around you. 

Life is a constant series of adventures. Most people see life as a constant series of struggles. That's the difference between level 1 and 5. When you decide that the adventure into new possibilities is more important than being a personal human being walking around on Earth being

bounced around by life, you can become a source creator existing in the super flow state activating quantum possibilties. And then life becomes glorius in every way. 

You have Unique Mastery and Genius inside of You

You can operate as the Universe - becoming one with all - and start uniquely bringing through your essence, passions, and visions as the universal story that wants to get told. You can marry your own self with the universal energy, power, and focus. It can be very presenced and practical. It's all about grounding it and making it your own. Each person has their own mastery and genius, that is unique to them. You have to discover your own unique source power and your own unique way of expressing it. Everyone has this power inside of them, and it's all about getting that to emerge and being expressed into the world. That choice is hugely important for the whole world to thrive. It's time to wake up to your inner "super human abilities". You can start by reading Soleira & Santaris book "Becoming Super Humans".

Collaborative Genius Fusion

From that state of operating - level 5 - we can collaborate in teams in organisations and co-create true innovation. Every problem has potential and possibility attached to it and a breakthrough that's waiting to happen. The key is to get more excited about the breakthroughs and less focused on the problems. There are solutions for everything that we haven't thought of yet. We don't have to process the past to get the breakthrough. It's more important to realise that there is a purpose in everything happening. We have to shift from trauma, problem, and struggles in order for us to have the breakthrough. If we are more consciously aware of the signals that are given to us, we don't have to have the problem to occur to get the breakthrough. We can get the movement for the breakthrough without the problem!

According to Soleira we create the world we love to live in by seeking newness, adventure, and possibility: Look for the breakthroughs. Easily. Don't get stuck in the past or anything. Look for what opportunities are on offer from no matter what's happening, no matter what you're viewing. Raise the vibrational frequency and "look big", because when you "look big", you get a whole different way of living life. It's more than becoming a visionary; You become a source creator of life and an alchemical activator of possibilities in the quantum field.  

Listen to our talk about living in the adventure of actualising possibilities, supercharging the field, innovating consciousness, how to deal with problems, life and death, trauma, consciousness shifts, the difference between channeling and becoming the voice yourself, the power of perspective and story-telling, the dissipation of the hierachical leadership style, crowdsourced citizen created collaborative co-created communities, and so much more.

What is Abundance?

Beatrice Savage

In this the no. 5 episode I talk with Beatrice Savage, who is a Wealth & Success Coach for Women Entrepreneurs and Executives in the Health and Wellness Industry. Beatrice has a background as a Master of International Business Communication and is specialised in a coaching practice called Protreptic, which is an ancient philosophical dialogue practice that encourages the individual to examine oneself, the essence and the values, and to start managing one's life. Beatrice works with practices that besides a philosophical entrance includes mystical and mental science, body awareness & bodywork, mindfulness, and psychedelics, and offers workshops, circles, and 1:1 experiences. 

The Root of Abundance

A tool in Protreptic is Etymology, i.e. the history and meaning of words. According to Beatrice, the root of abundance is "abound"which in Proto-Indo-European means "wet", which basically has the meaning of "water".

If abundance has a root in the concept of water, what does that mean? To me? To you? To the collective?

For me, it brought me right back to my conversation with Susanne Frandsen about the "Drama Triangle" and the advice of stopping the drama and becoming like water. And I went on thinking that nature is abundant, growing effortlessly, and blooming effortlessly. And we are nature, as I talked with Lucy Vittrup Christensen about. Therefore we must also be abundant as nature. And if we water our essence - our nature - obviously we will bloom like nature! By my strings of thoughts Beatrice was inspired to mention the "Law of Wealth", which says, that we need to believe, that we already are and have everything required within us to experience wealth, and all we have to do is to water and care for the seeds of wealth and abundance within us. We go on talking about how we actually don't have to become "like water", i.e. abundance, because we are already made of water! Two-thirds of the human body consists of water, and in total that makes up 99% of all molecules in our bodies. Beatrice says 90%, but is actually more or less, depending of how you measure it of course. The point is that we don't have to become something - transform into something else than what we already are, because we are water. And in this sense we already are abundant in the sense of the root of the word abundance. 

Time for reflection: What does water mean to you? 

Continuing with the Law of Wealth: There are many ways to "water our seeds of abundance". According to Beatrice, Plato expressed the view that thinking and speaking are two sides of the same coin, and she goes on saying, that how we think and how we speak is the water we pour on our "abundance seeds", because that is determining how we are going to feel and vibrate in our bodies. This is how we get to work with the embodiment of abundance: We need to become aware of what we are thinking and speaking. How are we actually caring for the seeds of abundance within us?

What is Abundance? 

To me, abundance is every element of thriving on this planet. It's not just a financial perspective, i.e. money. Abundance and wealth is so much more. It's health and well-being in every way. Beatrice agrees: Abundance is a wealthy life experience full of joy and love. Abundance is an experience, a perspective, and a choice! It's our natural condition, when we choose to see it. There is more than enough of everything in our world. More than enough water. More than enough blades of grass. When we become aware of it, we can even expand our experience of time, the only ressource that in truth is actually limited in days, months, and years from we're born till we die. We can actually create a feeling of more than enough time in our experience. Abundance is an energetic choice we can align with.    

What is the Opposite of Abundance?

The opposite of Abundance is lack and loss, and it expresses itself as anxiety, stress, angst, depression; all sorts of mental and holistic imbalances and disease, anger, guilt, and shame, etc. That is hell to most people. And it's not an experience we want to continue being it, because it's destructive. Yet, many people on our planet today is living under conditions of lack and loss, creating life from a lack-and-loss-mindset, in their everyday experience. This happens when we don't think we have a choice; when we live our lives as if we didn't have a choice. That is not to shame or guilt anyone, but shame and guilt plays a big part in the game of lack and loss. As Beatrice puts it: "When I was in that place, I felt that I didn't have a choice. I felt hopeless, I felt that my life was happening to me, I was caught in the drama. Unaware that there was another reality for me to chose." 

The Rules of the Abundance Game

The rules of "the abundance game" are individual and different for all of us, but they always begins with source: Accepting and trusting that there is something beyond us. We didn't make it on earth by ourselves. We have to align ourselves with the source, the universe, and our feminine qualities - for both men and women. And then we need to accept that we always have a choice. And that choice is daily, at all times. We need to foster the awareness as to what it is that creates our reality on a daily basis. We can distance ourselves from our daily experiences and the world we live in and be shown the rules of our own unique abundance game. And we must start questioning: What is my ultimate experience? When we create a deep connection with source, what we need to know is being shown to us, and already is. When we embody that deeper level of belief, that's how wealth and abundance shows up for us. 

Abundance is created inside-out. It's a question of self management and self leadership. What kind of experiences am I having, and how am I managing my experiences? What am I thinking? What am I feeling? What am I speaking? How am I managing my emotions? We need to have a heightened level of awareness. A hyper-awareness. Looking at and examining: What do I actually believe abundance to be? What does abundance feel like? We have to start with ourselves before we start managing the collective, because the collective is going to be a direct reflection of the self! 

According to Beatrice we create the world we love to live in by becoming that world. It is a choice. And the choice is ours. And it starts with us. We are all abundant. This Earth is abundant. We're all meant to be here. And our time is now! 

Listen to our talk about the concept and practices of abundance, the synergy and constant play between the ME- and the WE-consciousness, the thought-patterns and emotional states blocking our growth and abundance, the co-dependent dysfunctional thinking "how can I enjoy this amazing experience of abundance and wealth, when there are other people on this planet suffering and going hungry to bed?", shame and guilt, how we are all powerful creators of our own reality and thereby responsible for our own experiences in life, but that we produce what is familiar to us, so if we've made agreements to suffer in this life experience, that is what we will reproduce again and again until we heal the source of the trauma and undo the agreements, the energy and thinking of the sovereign soul, the Empress-archetype as opposed to the trauma-induced programming of not deserving, the consciousness of lack and loss, and how so many of us are still subconsciously producing more lack and loss without even thinking about it, which is the direct opposite of an abundance consciousness, and so much more.

What is Love?

Lucy Vittrup Christensen

In this the no. 4 episode I talk with Lucy Vittrup Christensen, who is the Executive Director of Promentum Nordic & Regenerative Chief Advisor and has a background as a Master in Cultural Studies, Psychotherapist, Author, and Speaker. Lucy has explored the concept and practice of love most of her life, she is the author of the book "Erogi", behind a podcast called "Ofelia's Love" (in Danish), has done a TED-talk about "Love in 96 ways",  and she is now channeling her wisdom into Embodied Regenerative Consciousness and Transformation at Promentum Nordic

What is Love?

Love is not just romantic love, as many people think of, when we talk about the concept of love. Love can be felt between between friends as well, or we can feel love for nature, for an animal, a food experience or feel love in one of the other 96 ways, that love can express itself as according to the language of sanskrit. Sanskrit, which is one of the oldest languages, was created to activate experiences, and there are 96 different words for the experience of love! For Lucy the discovery of the 96 different words for love experiences started a journey of noticing how often she was activated in an experience of love. According to Lucy, love is a state of being, an energetic state inside of us, that's always present, and that we can tap into at any point in time. As she sees it, the concept of love is detached from a relationship, and the experience of love doesn't require a relationship either. Love can express itself in relationships, but we can also experience love in solitude, because it's an energetic state inside of us. 

Lucy had a profound experience of love all alone a couple of years ago after having suffered from loneliness and searched for love everywhere all around her since a very early age. She actually at some point during her life's experiences thought she was genetically predisposed to loneliness and the resulting anxiety, depression, and thoughts of suicide. That all changed when she, all by herself enmershed in the forest one night, experienced a sensation of universal love permeating every cell of her being; this is what she now calls the "love hack", the antidote to loneliness. She shares her experience of completion and connection in the forest in the TED Talk "Love in 96 ways"

In our conversation she goes on saying, that while the experience of love obviously can be felt in solitude, since it's an energetic state inside of us - it's what and who we truly are in our pure essence - the easiest way to activate the energy of love is by the act of giving.

Tapping Into the State of Love

Love is totally within our own sphere of influence. If you want love, you can just give love to someone, and then it's automatically activated within you. We don't need to get it back from someone else. The mere act of giving, activates the experience in ourselves. When we give from a place of a pure, open heart, that is. That means not giving as a sacrifice or because we want something in return. That's not giving. That's manipulation and deceit. It's really this simple. As with all the essential things in life. If you want something, give it to others! When we give, we receive. 

Some people say "love hurts", "love is deceitful", or "better to have loved and lost, than not having loved at all", but that's not expressions of love. That's trauma stories revealing childhood dysfunctional dynamics and dysfunctional attachment patterns that have noting to do with love. 

Activating the sensation of love requires awareness, appreciation, and connection. Instead of being dependent on someone else giving us love - being the object of love - we can choose to become the subject of love and start noticing, what activates the sensation of love inside of us. It's super simple. But obviously not easy. Lucy is not making the case for us to "lose" ourselves in the love experience with another person. Knowing ourselves - also the dark and destructive sides of us - is the number 1 key! We have to do some deep psychological work before we can actually start giving from a "clean" place inside of us that doesn't require anything back.

Many people have experienced losing their connection to love, if there's a conflict or some other form of disconnection from the person, they have given their love to. We can disown our own state of love and place it in the relationship or give it to the other person, so that the other person becomes defining for whether we feel love or not. But love is an experience of completion and connection within ourselves that isn't dependent on another person. If we have a broken relationship to self, we have to heal that in order to be able to experience and give from a state of love.

If leaders have a broken relationship to self, it directly affects the way they lead. We sense this in the behavior by our leaders, politicians, etc., if they're not rooted in love.  

The New Leadership - Regenerative Leadership - is all about Love

According to Lucy, the new leadership is about activating love. It sounds fluffy, romantic, and idealistic, but at the end of the day, that’s how we’re going to survive on this planet. It’s by giving. We have taken from nature. Taken from our source to food, oxygen, and shelter. Taken and taken and taken. We have taken from the very source of our existence. And we’re kind of in a mess right now. We are faced with the complete collapse of humanity.

What’s the antidote to that?

That is to start giving.

It’s the same logic as if I want a relationship to thrive, and I want to experience love, then I have to start giving. It’s the same with the world situation, we’re in. What if organisations, decision makers, leaders, and politicians started to accept that, ok we need to change into a giving mindset!? What would happen, then? That's the whole point of regenerative leadership: To start giving way more than we take. 

According to Lucy Vittrup Christensen, we create the world we love to live in by raising our awareness of the energy of love inside of us. We activate the love energy by giving from a pure open heart. If giving feels like a sacrifice, the giving doesn't come from love. We have to have the courage to be honest. And only give from a place of love. We're not here to save the world. And we have to start giving more than we take. 

Listen to our talk about different definitions of love, the opposite of love as fear; greed as fear expressing itself as not having enough, aggression as fear expressing itself as not being good enough, fear of losing power, hate as fear, fear of the future, and on the other hand love expressing itself as trust, trust vs. control, letting go of what we can't control, how Lucy decided to take the radical decision to start practicing giving in every thought, word, and action every single second of her life, her frustations and triggers on the journey, and how it doesn't change her intention and commitment, how we can apply and integrate the "Giving Mindset", stories of clients going through the shift, and what it means in practice to start giving more than we take, embodied regenerative leadership - what does it mean? -, and so much more.

The Power of Emotions

Susanne Frandsen

In this the no. 3 episode I talk with Transformational Coach, Author and Speaker Susanne Frandsen from Denmark. Susanne has written a manual for leaders and CEOs - "The Director's Manual" - and is also the co-author of the children's book "Sia & The Magic Stone". Susanne is catalyzing change in individuals and organizations, and she is also a "Heaven on Earth" Ambassador, which really caught my attention because of the focus of The New World Lead project, obviously. 

Emotional Intelligence

We met at the Northern Europe's Leading Business Conference, "Presidents Summit" in Copenhagen on May, 31st, 2023. The theme for the conference was "Building the Future", and we were both thrilled that the hot topic of Emotional Intelligence was on the agenda. Several speakers touched upon the need for a new leadership paradigm, and Susanne and I got talking about this "burning platform" presented at the leadership summit. From there the conversation about the power of emotions unfolded. 

Becoming a Frequency Match

Susanne also adheres to the new spiritual-based leadership model based on quantum physics and epigenetics leading from the heart and creating heart-brain coherence. 

According to Susanne Frandsen, instead of focusing on the things we can do on the outside to make this world a better place, we have to go within, because we can only create the world we love to live in by becoming a frequency match to that world in our inner landscape. In order for os to become the right frequency match, we have to master our emotions. 

The world around us is like a "photocopier" of what goes on within us. If we are caught in the "Drama Triangle", we create the opposite of what we love. When we choose to become "Kings" or "Queens" of our inner landscape, we become capable of creating our version of "Heaven on Earth" by following our hearts, aligning our minds, and sharing our unique super powers with the world. The fastest path is to become like water: Follow the path of least resistance and most joy.

We create the world inside-out with our energy. We have to recognize that everything is energy. Our thoughts emanate from a certain frequency of energy, and so do our emotions. Emotions are energy in motion, and we can measure our emotions on a megahertz frequency-scale, also known as The Hawkins' Scale. Emotions such as shame, guilt, and anger are low and slow moving on the scale, whereas love, happiness, meaning, and gratitude are high and fast moving on the scale. The higher on the scale, the more heart-brain coherence, and the more alignment between what we want in life and what we actually experience, because we shift from being governed by fear to being governed by faith, trusting that everything will turn out just right. 

The Level of Self Awareness

The no. 1 cornerstone of having a high EQ and becoming a highly successful leader is our level of self awareness, i.e. the ability to be reflecting back upon ourselves. We all carry unconscious repressed emotions in our bodies, and these unconscious parts of our inner landscape are creating our experiences in the outer world. In order for anything to change, we have to be willing and open to investigate our "backpack of trauma". We become acutely aware of that backpack, when we get triggered. A trigger is a signpost that there's something buried within us that needs to be witnessed, felt, and released. We have to feel it to heal it!

In a performance-driven world of KPI's this can be a very challenging task for a leader not familiar with "the inner work". We can only get to a certain stage at the mental level. We have to get into the body to release the trauma on a cellular level. Our bodies are not just a way of transporting our heads! Our wisdom and our trauma lies in the body, and it takes courage, an openness to be vulnerable, and a safe non-judgmental space created by helpers to relase and let go of deep-seated pain and emotions. The good news is that the space for healing and next generation leadership already has been created by the many who are walking the path and know how to do the inner work, It can be a fast process, if we ask for and get the right help. 


Beliefs and Programming

Many of us carry beliefs of being "wrong" in some way, or not "good enough", and we have been programmed with logics such as "no pain, no gain", "if you say A, you must also say B", "It's unworthy to jump the fence at its lowest point", "The Imposter Syndrome", etc. We need to release all these beliefs and programs and reinvent something else in order to master our emotions. Many are also motivated "away-from" instead of "going to", and as long as we are running away from pain by working too much, eating too much, etc. etc., we are suppressing our emotions instead of releasing them. That's the opposite of mastering our emotions. 

Leaving the Drama Triangle

The "Drama Triangle" is a good way of explaining the dysfunctional dynamics in every relationship - both outside of us to other people and circumstances and inside of us to the different parts of ourselves. Awareness of the "Drama Triangle" is also a good starting point to understand how we can begin mastering our emotions. Susanne talks about the creator consciousness as the position of King or Queen in the center of the triangle, and how it's important to conduct an inner dialogue with all the "subordinates" caught up in the victim-, rescuer- and violator-logic because of trauma-induced beliefs and programming. We need to become a loving parent to ourselves, and in that light the children's book "Sia & The Magic Stone" is also a perfect read for leaders, because all of your "subordinates" are your "inner children". They would greatly benefit from a fairytale based on deep ageless wisdom backed up by the newest science. 

A way of leaving the "Drama Triangle" is to perceive of a whole new triangle like "The Empowerment Dynamic" with the logic of the creator-consciousness, the challenger, and the coach instead of the victim, the rescuer, and the violator.

Listen to our talk about emotional intelligence, emotional abuse, the importance of the creator consciousness so as not to "drown" in the sea of emotions, heart-brain coherence, the drama triangle, the empowerment dynamic, how important it is to team up with people who have walked the path instead of trying to do the inner work on your own, triggers, co-dependency, spiritual bypassing, full-body yes'es and full-body no's, the zero-point field in quantum physics, epigenetics, becoming the solution to the problem in a fraction of a second, sovereignty, and so much more.

Live Your Inner Truth

Freyiia Milléh

In this the no. 2 episode I talk with Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive Shamanic Astrologer, Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator and Author Freyiia Milléh from Denmark. Freyiia is consciously creating a loving world for herself and her community from her inner truth and thus creating the world we love to live in as a true new world lead - from the inside out.

Inner Truth

Freyiia shares and hold space for her inner truth in her private community and on social media on a weekly basis with the mantra: "Take whatever you can use and leave the rest". And a lot of people are resonnating with her loving and empowering messages, 

According to Freyiia Milléh, we as individuals really can change the world. In truth, the only one who can change the world - the way you experience it - is you! The way we create the world we love to live in is by taking full responsibility for our inner work by healing our ancestral trauma, recreate our inner structures, nurture our inner child, etc. The more we work on ourselves the more magical the world outside of us becomes with one miracle after the other.

Nobody can save anybody. It is not our job to save others. We are all powerful creators of our own life experience. And we all have to make our own shift from the old material and physical oriented world-view to the new world-view of consciousness and vibration. It's an inner experience. When the experience clicks into place on the inside our outer world transforms. 

From Fear To Clicking Into Place

It's not easy to create the transformation inside out from fear, scarcity, limitations, control, codependency, narcissism, etc. to clicking into place. But going inside is the only way to "come home" and become satisfied with who we are, love what we do, have a healthy body, and a calm nervous system. Mother Nature is showing us the way to create the space for transformation. The key is to stop fighting what is and instead surrender into whatever life brings to us with a belief that everything is for us, not against us. Even when life seems cruel. Anything can be a doorway to our dreams if we embark on the journey from inner contraction to expansion. 

We Are Birthing The New World

We live in the most exciting times ever. We are birthing the new world. We are birthing ourselves into a new form; a new way of being humans. It's painful. We typically run from the pain. We don't want to look at it. We don't want to feel it. And we have our free will. We can try to escape it, but all timelines come together now, and soon we might not be able to escape from ourselves anymore. The transformation is like a birthing experience. It's oftentimes a messy and painful affair, and we get scared. But it's also a miraculous experience. We need to be willing to feel the pain and hold space for it. If we "freeze" in the painful contraction, it's over. We only slip through the portal, if we surrender. Some survive the birthing experience and some don't. That's life. 

Listen to our talk about different timelines, Earth as a very tough school of polarities, the necessity of embracing our inner darkness on the path to higher vibrations, the need for learning to feel our feelings instead of surpressing them, the awakening journey, the Golden Age, easy living, karma as a motivator for finding the courage to take the journey within, the bended reality, and how the truth can only be found within, how learning about love is the reason for being here, and so much more.

Be The Change

Brian Piergrossi

In this the no. 1 episode I talk with Life Coach, Breath Work Facilitator & Author Brian Piergrossi from Asheville, USA.

Brian's spirit caught my attention and impacted me profoundly via a piece of writing that I stumbled across on social media titled "A Spiritual Conspiracy" (originally the title is "Love is the new religion"):

LOVE IS THE NEW RELIGION by Brian Piergrossi

"On the surface of the world right now there is war and violence and things seem dark. But calmly and quietly, at the same time, something else is happening underground. An inner revolution is taking place and certain individuals are being called to a higher light. It is a silent revolution. From the inside out. From the ground up. 

This is a Global operation. A Spiritual Conspiracy. There are sleeper cells in every nation on the planet. You wont see us on the T.V. You wont read about us in the newspaper. You wont hear about us on the radio. We don't seek any glory. We don't wear any uniform. We come in all shapes and sizes, colors and styles. Most of us work anonymously. We are quietly working behind the scenes in every country and culture of the world. Cities big and small, mountains and valleys, in farms and villages, tribes and remote islands. 

You could pass by one of us on the street and not even notice. We go undercover. We remain behind the scenes. It is of no concern to us who takes the final credit. But simply that the work gets done. Occasionally we spot each other in the street. We give a quiet nod and continue on our way. During the day many of us pretend we have normal jobs. But behind the false storefront at night is where the real work takes a place. Some call us the Conscious Army. 

We are slowly creating a new world with the power of our minds and hearts. We follow, with passion and joy. Our orders come from the Central Spiritual Intelligence. We are dropping soft, secret love bombs when no one is looking.

Poems ~ Hugs ~ Music ~ Photography ~ Movies ~ Kind words ~ Smiles ~ Meditation and prayer ~ Dance ~ Social activism ~ Websites ~ Blogs ~ Random acts of kindness. We each express ourselves in our own unique ways with our own unique gifts and talents. 

Be the change you want to see in the world. That is the motto that fills our hearts. We know it is the only way real transformation takes place. We know that quietly and humbly we have the power of all the oceans combined. Our work is slow and meticulous Like the formation of mountains. It is not even visible at first glance. And yet with it entire tectonic plates shall be moved in the centuries to come. 

Love is the new religion of the 21st century. You don't have to be a highly educated person. Or have any exceptional knowledge to understand it. It comes from the intelligence of the heart. Embedded in the timeless evolutionary pulse of all human beings. 

Be the change you want to see in the world. Nobody else can do it for you. We are now recruiting. Perhaps you will join us. Or already have. All are welcome. The door is open ~"

The Big Glow

The piece was written around 2005 and published in Brian's book The Big Glow from 2008. It was catalyzed again in 2020 onwards and really hit a chord in people's hearts. "A timeless and a timely message", as Brian puts it in our conversation. "It's bringing people together all around the world".

A Spiritual Conspiracy

The phrase "A Spiritual Conspiracy" in the piece really hit a chord in me, because I personally experienced being shamed and called a "conspiracy theorist" on social media in 2020, when I was raising questions concerning the political response to the pandemic. I reacted to the fear-narratives that lead to measures of control, lack, and limitation in most societies around the world. Reading Brian's piece was empowering for me. The mere thought of using the word "conspiracy" in a spiritual setting with positive connotations made me want to reach out and get in touch with the man behind the words. This is why Brian Piergrossi is the first New World Lead Conversation. I had no idea his text had been written more than 15 years before I read it. 

The Inner Work

"The work", Brian writes about in the piece, is "the inner work". As he says in our conversation, it's easy to project outward and look at everything and everyone else as "wrong" and get angry and upset, The reason we get angry and upset is because there is a sense of disempowerment. 

Self Awareness In The Now

We can't change the outer circumstances or other people. We can work on ourselves. We can change. Self awareness and being in the present moment are the keys to creating change. Being present in the now makes transformation possible. Change and transformation can only happen in you, and it can only happen now! When you make transformation in yourself by becomming more aware, conscious, awake, and present, you will make an impact on others and the world, on both the future and the past, because both the past and future are created by stories in the now. The more awake we become in the present, the more our stories about the past and future can change. In this way we can change the whole trajectory we're on, from past to future. 

According to Brian Piergrossi, the way we create the world we love to live in is to start telling a new story about the now, the future, and the past. Instead of all the disempowering stories, we have to start telling empowering stories of love, peace, freedom, gratitude, forgiveness, appreciation, and compassion. The more we ourselves awaken to these qualities of love, peace, freedom, gratitude, forgiveness, appreciation, and compassion in the present moment, the more these qualities are imbued in our storytelling about the future, the now, and the past.

With the new qualities and storytelling in place, that becomes the world we live in. The stories we are telling are always a mirror of our perception of reality. We can change that perception. When we do, our outer reality changes.  

The Empowering Story

Living and speaking your truth is the gateway to the greatest and most genuine freedom, peace, love and all the other qualities. Other people might not like it, disagree with you and be angry and upset. That has nothing to do with you and it's just a part of life. We're all on different stages of a journey of consciousness, evolutionary growth and expansion.We grow through being challenged. We live in both super challenging and extremely exciting times right now. The empowering story is that the greater the challenge we face, the greater the opportunity to grow and awaken.

Deeper Questions

In the western world many of us are awakening from a very materialistic, atheistic, and nihilistic way of being in the world with a core belief that nothing really matters and that there's no deeper meaning to life. Awakening means starting to ask deeper questions: Who are we? What is the purpose of life? When we are challenged in a major way, we open ourselves to the spiritual connection, that is avaliable to all of us, we just need to ask and inquire.


Coach, Concept Creator

& Facilitator

Future-Proofing You & Your Business.

I guide CEO's, leaders, entrepreneurs, and people in career transitions - visionaries - to become new world leads inside out. 

From that position I facilitate a process for the co-creation of a unique concept or the tweaking of an existing one.

I also offer support on the hero-work journey from concept to desired results.

Blending Science & Spirituality

I'm an academic - MSc in Political Science & International Relations - who blends scientific methods of project planning, concept creation, and leadership development with an intuitive spiritual approach to assist visionaries in creating a worthy legacy in alignment with the mission, vision, and values. Sometimes I'm called a "soul doula", because I help giving birth to the physical manifestations of the soul's desires. Making things real and "down-to-earth" is the essence in my work as a coach, concept creator & facilitator.

Strategy, Leadership & Organisation as an Adventure

As a former Special Advisor in the Danish Defence Command regarding Strategy, Leadership, and Organisational Development "breaking out of the box" and creating a totally new career path for myself, I guide people on an adventurous journey of new perceptions of reality. My own personal transformation journey have given me tools and insigts into shortcuts and surprising solutions.

Holistic Approach 

My intuitive spiritual approach involves meditation, whole brain techniques, insights from quantum physics, epigenetics, and ancient spiritual wisdom modalities and healing methods. I have found my holistic approach to be very effective for academics - "head people" - in need of support in the process of becoming conscious creators from a position of love instead of fear. Love is a high vibrational energy form creating what we positively want, whereas fear is a low vibrational energy form creating the opposite. Love flows freely from an open heart. Just as love in this universal sense of the word is an inside job, so too are the experiences of freedom, peace, abundance, and possibilities in contrast to control, war, lack, and limitations.

Old thinking and judgements are "road blocks". Unconditional acceptance and respect are shortcuts. 

Focus is Vital

Because of my own experience of having the best intentions and wanting to make this world a better place, but time and time again ending up working in jobs or on projects with too much of a focus against something unwanted instead of for the wanted results, I'm acutely aware of what it takes to actually create what we positively want.

It's all about the preconditions for the right focus. 

A Worthy Legacy

"The New World Lead" is a project born out of my soul's desire to create a worthy legacy of love blending all my gifts and talents into a coherent approach to how people actually succeed being, doing, having, receiving, and giving what they love and in the process co-creating the world we all love to live in.

What's your worthy legacy? What do you love?

Let's have a chat about you, your current circumstances, and your dreams and visions, if you're looking for surprisingly new perspectives and solutions.


You're always welcome to reach out for a complimentary 30 min. session. Book HERE.

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I met Sophie in January, 2022. I was looking for guidance in the pursuit of my life mission. I couldn’t really figure out how to approach it. Already in our first phone call, I felt that she really saw me and my unique potential and abilities.

She has helped me change my entire being into a completely different vibrational frequency, and when I slip into old habits, I can reach out to her or use one of her guided meditations.

I am a medical doctor and have stepped out of my clinical work to make space for speaking my truth on a new foundation and paradigm of health care.

I have worked with Sophie both online in groups and in person 1:1. Her ability to speak to both my mind and heart is unique. I feel she sees me and that she is doing all to help me become the person I am here to be. She has many talents and I feel in such competent and loving hands working with her. She has my deepest recommendations as a facilitator, if you are seeking guidance to step into your true contribution.

Gry Horneman, MD.

- Founder of HeartCentered Health Leadership


"My session with Sophie gave me an energetic lift and clarity, courage, and love to create the necessary changes. It led to me selling my business - "Life Academy" - and creating "Chalotte's Circle", which is my most important contribution to the world based on my soul mission."

Chalotte Charnell

CEO, Chalotte's Circle


Sophie Carolina is a fantastic source of inspiration and transformation. She makes you understand your "mechanisms" from a holistic point of view. She inspires you to be the true you, to seek your highest potential and to find and define the main purpose.


She makes you see the puzzle of talents and gifts within you and understands your shadows and light! She supports you, holds you, and guides you in your process.


She is a true mentor and coach, and she gets my highest recommendations. Join her. You will not regret it if you want to make a big difference in your life and business."

Hildegunn Lyngfjell

- Founder of Mind & Space


Meeting you was like stepping into a soul x-ray machine. You told me everything about my life, and my challenges. To the very last detail. I was chocked by the sharpness and precision. I have only experienced it once before; in my meeting with my mentor Calle Montsegur."

Michell Léon Stjernberg

- Author & Entrepreneur


“Throughout my more than 15-year long career and as an owner of my own business, I've had countless of counsellors, coaches, and mentors.

Sophie is by far one of the best, I've ever experienced. She was cautious as the when to expand my horizon, when to push for results, and when to be gentle and give me time for reflection.  

From an unclear position I moved to clarity regarding my values, priorities, and strategy for both myself personally and for my business. An "above & beyond experience”.

Elizabeth Manou Andersen

CEO, Growth Strategy Institute


"Thank you for all the insights from the talent tests, input to the foundation for our company and the inspiring strategy days.

Opening the door for us to Imerco led to a professionali-sation of our set-up and opened up the possibilities for Happy Heart on a larger scale.

Thank you for the draft proposal for our mission statement. It was really to the point. You have made concrete what was difficult for us to put into words. That was a really big help and makes it possible for us to move on with our storytelling. 

Thank you for your ability to see possibilities, think big and not let limitations cloud the vision."

Anja Westy Larsen &

Anette Fruergaard

CEOs & Founders, Happy Heart,


"I needed clarity on what to prioritize in life and at work. I didn't want a long process with a coach. I needed a quick road to clarity. And that is what I got. Not easy, but fast.

The preparation process was extremely good. Totally spot on, to the core, and at the same time very difficult questions to answer. They forced me to go deep.

At the session everything got connected, prioritized, and it felt easy to act on. I had a plan, whereas before I was just confused. An extremely valuable process. Thank you."  

Mette Fjording

Head of Department

The New World Lead

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