The New World Lead
The New World Lead

But not only that. I also want to invite other people resonating with my message about the need for humanity to change from the inside out to show us how they changed position. Thereby inspiring all of us to how we can change, too. We need to listen more deeply to each other to get wiser and act better. We need to start acting from a new level of consciousness to be able to solve the problems of the world of today. In my opinion. This is the raison d´ëtre behind "The New World Lead" project. 

The Project

With "The New World Lead" I invite you on the adventurous journey of co-creating "the world we love to live in".

I assume "the world we love to live in" is filled with love, freedom, peace, abundance, and possibilities for all of us in whatever shape, way, and form that feels good to all of us, i.e. a win-win world. It's not enough to create a world you love to live in. It has to be a world we all love to live in. 

Creating a world we love isn't always an easy task, since most of us have been "programmed" into a world-view of fear, control, war, lack, and limitations in so many subtle ways that we oftentimes don't even recognise it. Many of us carry unconscious and flawed beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world that express themselves in experiences that are the opposite of what we actually love. 

How do we assume the leadership of co-creating a new world? The world we all love to live in? And sustaining that kind of world? In our private realm, in business, in organisations, in society, and in the world at large? Is that even possible?

In essence, as we do one thing, we do everything. As I understand our creational power as humans. It therefore makes no sense only addressing leadership in the traditional sense as the action of leading a group of people or an organisation. Self-leadership is a prerequisite for being a new world lead, because everything flows from your relationship to self, consciously or unconsciously. Therefore, we need to become more conscious - loving, free, peaceful, abundant and focused on possibilities rather than limitations - in our attitudes and perceptions in order for us to start co-creating the world we love to live in!

I believe that all of us would want to transform and transcend the old position if we thought it was actually a possibility. I believe it is possible. I want to show you the world in my eyes.

What is The New World Lead?

"The New World Lead" is a person, a practice, or a structure - a business, a movement, an organisation etc. - leading and creating impact, interaction, products, and services from a position of love, freedom, peace, abundance, and possibilities, etc.

That means operating from a completely different set of values, practices, and energy than a position rooted in fear, control, war, lack, and limitations, etc.; i.e. the old position many of us are more or less familiar with as "the human condition". 

The Intention

The intention with "The New World Lead"-project is 3-folded:

  1. To offer coaching and concept creation services to start-ups, corporations, and organisations in search for surprisingly new perspectives, structures, and strategies that will future-proof a business in alignment with a new world lead position.
  2. To create a club for people associating as new world leads wanting and needing a safe space to play, co-create, grow and expand consciousness and possibilities; a playground for visionary leaders. 
  3. To co-create a movement by sharing inspirational conversations with people operating from a new world lead position - from all spheres of life and from all around the world - revolving around this vital question:

"How do we create and sustain the world 

we love to live in?"


Conversations with New World Leads

I invite people from all spheres of life and from all over the world to conversations revolving around the most important of all questions: "How do we create the world we love to live in?" 

I am eager to share all the great insights, tips and how-to's with you as I venture along on this journey. And please reach out to me, if you know of someone - or yourself - who would love to be part of THE NEW WORLD LEAD MOVEMENT. Contact me HERE.  


I am here to surprise you with new perspectives & solutions

Sophie Carolina Simonsen

Coach, Concept Creator & Facilitator

All the best,

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The New World Lead

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